Coin Changer Token Changer


The anti-pry rear loading concept is designed to offer reinforced security at an affordable price. Each model of our coin/ token exchanger has a compact structure that occupies less space, while the sturdy frame can ensure the exchanger be in service for the years to come. Its larger hopper capacity can hold up to 3000 to 5000 coins or tokens, which in turn reduces the frequency of coin replenishment. For the bill acceptor, we adopt the brand of GBA owning to its high reliability and note acceptance rate to support and validate multi-currencies. Our coin/ token exchanger also features a detection technology to deliver signals when the hopper is empty as well as sales and coin counters to record amount of business and coins exchanged.

Apart from the intuitive system and high exchange speed that will definitely bring the most favourable user experience, our coin/ token exchanger also comes with IoT feature for the ultimate convenience to both laundromat owners and users alike by remotely monitoring and controlling the device through mobile app whenever internet connection is available. On top of that, through the distance control, owners can access detailed sales report with statistical graphs and analyse business performance while enjoying personal favourite activities

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